Our Custom Container Gardens

are perfect for…


Our thoughtfully orchestrated combinations of texture, form, and color will beautify your front entrance or patio.


Make your shop, cafe, or office entrance into an attractive and inviting destination.


A distinctive and thoughtful gift for family and friends, or as a thank-you gift for clients


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    Our Services

    Container Garden Subscription

    Our container gardens are perfect for beautifying your front entrance or outdoor patio. We will select the ideal container for your space, design your installation and procure the plants and flowers needed. If desired we will set up an automated drip water system to make it truly no-maintenance for you.

    Then four times a year, we will install a new design for you. If installed on an automated drip irrigation system we guarantee our flowers and plants and will replace them at no charge if needed.  Learn more >

    Water-Wise and Native Plants

    Like you, we care about the environment and about conserving water. At your request, our plant experts will choose drought-tolerant and native plants for you. When expertly selected, these water-wise plants can be just as gorgeous as any others.

    You CAN have living, beautiful plants and flowers while knowing you are doing your part to save water!  Learn more >

    Business Subscriptions

    A container garden is ideal for dressing up your outdoor cafe or business entryway. We will select the ideal container for your space. We will design your installation, procure the plants and flowers, and install your container garden. If desired, we will set up an automated drip water system to make it truly no-maintenance for you.

    Then, four times a year, we will install a new design so your business always looks fresh and unique.  Learn more >

    Gift Subscriptions

    What better way to thank someone or show you care than to provide a year of beauty for him or her at his or her home? We will work with you to design the perfect container with complementary plants and flowers to make a very special statement.

    We can provide a year’s worth of quarterly updates at an attractive price to you. For a lower cost we also offer a one-time Container Garden installation with flowers and plants.  Learn more >

    Real Estate Staging

    Ideal for Home Realty stagings, our program can make the difference between a ho hum listing or one that pops and invites prospective buyers in. We will select the perfect containers and flowers to complement your listing’s architecture and color scheme.

    If needed, we can set up an automated drip irrigation system that will require no maintenance or care for you or your homeowner.  Learn more >

    Vegetable Container Gardens

    Take the hard work and drudgery out of gardening by letting us do the work for you. We can install containers with all of your favorite produce planted and ready to grow.

    If set up on an automated sprinkler system all you have to do pick the vegetables, melons and pumpkins you love. No hoeing, fertilizing or digging holes in hard ground to make things grow. Best of all, your family will be eating locally grown, organic produce that is fresh and leaves almost NO carbon footprint!  Learn more >

    Drip Irrigation Installation

    Take the drudgery and time out of watering your outdoor plants and flowers. They will be healthier, look more beautiful and last longer with regular water from a drip irrigation system. Our experts will analyze your plants’ watering needs and design a custom watering system. It will save you both water and money, and serve the environment. With our frequent drought years it is a smart and “green” thing to do.  Learn more >

    Garden Planning

    We take the confusion, inertia, and work out of planning your outside garden and landscape. We can develop a plan that enhances your outdoor environment, taking into account existing plants and trees. Our plan will also address soil conditions and pre-existing mold and pest issues you may have. Let our experts make this often-daunting task easy. We charge by the hour for these services and you can use your contractor or gardening service to do the installation. If you would like help locating these services, we will be happy to assist you.  Learn more >

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